custom wraps for boats

Every Boat Wrap Tells A Story

What are the coolest-looking wrap graphics you’ve ever seen on a boat?

An obvious image you encounter from time to time is a picture of a shark looming forward with mouth wide-open, showing the massive white daggers of its teeth.  A lot of fine work can go into creating an image like that.  You can think of custom wraps for boats as an art form.  The shark is a major figure in people’s imagination about the sea, of course.  Ever since the movie Jaws, the shark is a persistent image of danger and adventure in the ocean that has never lost its popularity.  Putting shark imagery on your boat conveys adventure, excitement, and power.  It may say something about the owner of the boat.  Does he see himself as the hero who ventures out to conquer the shark?  Or does he have fantasies about being a kind of “predator” himself, the “Alpha” boater that others should look out for?  Does he imagine he’s the “top dog” of the sea?

custom wraps for boats

Another frequently seen design is that of the American flag.  The stars and stripes appear on a lot of boats, stretched out along port and starboard.  Or sometimes it can be a state flag-Texas, for instance.  Flags also make a statement.  They represent pride and patriotism.  The boat owner with a flag design wrap is announcing that he loves his country or he’s proud of his state or regional origin.  His pride in his country or his state extends to his pride in his boat, of which he is of course the “Captain.”  It may be important to him to make a statement like that, an announcement to the world.  Or he may just want to tell you what kind of person he is.  Art is a form of communication.

A design on a boat can tell a story-about its owner, his dreams and fantasies, what he thinks of himself or the world around him.  The ocean has always inspired stories, which can be told in many ways, including how we decorate the vessels in which we put out to sea.


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